Oct 07 Sat

Wall to Wall Art Auction

October 7, 2017

Wall to Wall is Back by Popular Demand!

Wall to Wall is a silent auction featuring artworks donated by our community. You have the opportunity to bid on these photographs, prints, paintings and more to give your home a makeover! All proceeds will contribute to the success of SVMA.

Join us for live music with Rich Little, drinks, eats, and the fun of choosing your next masterpiece.

At the door: $40


Wall to Wall depends on your donations!

Do you no longer have space in your home for your once-cherished art? Did you fall out of love, but still keep it in storage?

Make some room!

Deliver your artworks to SVMA on the following dates:
Saturday, September 23 from 9-4pm
Friday, September 29 9-4pm
Saturday, September 30 9-12pm

Please: All donated works must be ready to hang. 
Any information you may have on the artist and the piece is appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When may I drop off a donation to Wall to Wall?
A: Artwork donations will be accepted on Saturday, September 23, 9am-4pm, Friday, September 29, 9am-4pm, and Saturday, September 30, 9am-12noon.
Q: What do you mean by "ready to hang"?
A: Artworks that are framed must have wires/hooks/sawtooth hangers on the back to ensure that they can hang on the walls of the museum. We are unable to purchase framing or hanging materials for donated artworks and ask that you help us prepare for the big event by making sure your work is fit for an auction!
Q: Does all artwork need to be framed?
A: Donated paintings, works on panel, textiles, etc. do not need to be framed, but they still must be “ready to hang” with the appropriate hardware attached.
Q: May I donate prints and works on paper?
A: Yes. Prints are more likely to sell if they are framed. Unframed works on paper must arrive in a protective clear sleeve and will likely be displayed in a bin that people will flip through. Framing the prints before donating is greatly appreciated! Please be sure that frames are "ready to hang"
Q: Are posters or reproductions acceptable?
A: Yes, but please carefully consider their condition and if these reproductions would have value to a potential buyer. 
Q: Are sculptures and free-standing artworks accepted?
A: Yes.
Q: Are there size or condition restrictions on donations?
A: No artwork is too small or too big for Wall to Wall, unless of course it can’t fit through the door. Artwork in poor condition may or may not be accepted.
Q: Will I receive a receipt for tax record purposes when I donate my artwork?
A: Yes. We will provide you with a document when you drop off your work.
Q: What do I need to bring to the museum when I drop off my artwork?
A: Along with the artwork, please provide any information you may have about it (artist name, title, year, medium), and an estimate of value. 
Q: May I purchase tickets to attend the auction at the museum?
A: Yes, tickets may be purchased Wednesday through Sunday, 11am-5pm, at the Museum. We encourage you to purchase discounted tickets ahead of time on our website. The link is below. On the day of the event, door tickets are $40.
Q: Whom may I contact if I have a question about my donation or the auction and I don't see it answered here?
A: Please contact the co-chairs of the Wall-to- Wall committee: Martha Rosenblatt at
zuri@vom.com or Kathe Hodgson at khodgson@sbcglobal.net



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