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Educational Program

Yoga & The Creative Mind: Art and Yoga in the Galleries

February 9, 2017
March 2, 2017

Art has long been a source of calm and a focus for contemplation, and the works of Nathan Oliveira and Karl Kasten are no exception. SVMA and Sally Mitchell of Body Flows team up to offer a unique program that stretches both your body and mind with a creative twist on art viewing, yoga, and meditation practices. Sally leads participants in a class that combines Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga, where the flow of movement, breath, balance and focus become aligned. Each session begins with a brief facilitated discussion, led by Margie Maynard of SVMA, about a different work of art selected especially to help generate a sense of discovery, greater self-awareness, and human connection. All yoga levels are welcome and encouraged as Sally provides modifications and options for varying abilities.

Learn more about Sally Mitchell at http://bodyflows.com

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