Sep 02 Tue
Educational Program

Considering American Realism: Ann Wiklund lecture series

September 2, 2014
September 30, 2014

Beginning in the late 1960s it was apparent that a new type of art was emerging from the abstraction dominated art centers of New York and L.A. This new art which emphasized the image in all of its clarity was startling because it seemed to repudiate the hard won gains of Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism. Would this turn out to be an aesthetic backlash, just a temporary fad or the road to a new modernist style of art making? Join art historian Ann Wiklund in tracing the development of contemporary realism and the ways it relates to many of the works in the Realism, Really? exhibition currently on view at SVMA.

This is a two-part lecture series, which begins Tuesday, September 2 and concludes Tuesday, September 30.

$40 SVMA Members
$50 General Public

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