A.R.T.S. 2016-2017 | Art Rewards the Student

This year's A.R.T.S. theme is based on the Museum's winter  2017 exhibitions, GRAPHIC KNOWLEDGE: The Prints of Karl Kasten and Eye of the Beholder - The Sculpture and Early Prints of Nathan Oliveirawhich opens at SVMA January 14, 2017. Classroom instruction, conducted by a team of eight SVMA teaching artists, begins in the 2nd semester, after the winter break. A.R.T.S. instruction in the classroom begins in January, and the Museum visits, which are also a significant component, begin in February. 

New Impressions, the exhibition of student work will be on display, alongside Kasten and Oliveira March 15—April 2, 2017. All are welcome to the opening celebration on Wednesday, March 15 at 5pm. 

Key objectives of the lesson plans for A.R.T.S.:

1.   Learn about various techniques and methodologies in the printmaking medium, within the contexts of Creative Expression, Visual Language, and Aesthetic Valuing. 

2.   Through VTS led tours of Kasten and Oliveira exhibit, learn to look closely at the art works to develop visual literacy through art-related discourse.  

3.   Develop competencies and creative skills in problem solving, communication, and management of time and resources that contribute to lifelong learning.

4.   View and investigate the sculptures in the exhibition, discerning elements of art as they apply to the works, particularly emphasizing form, proportion, and scale.

5.   Enhance and develop proficiency in the use of tools, materials, existing skills, and processes. 



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