Jun 02 Sat
Educational Program

The Work and Influence of Gordon Onslow Ford

June 2, 2018

Susan M. Anderson, art historian and curator, will talk about the work of Gordon Onslow Ford. Onslow Ford was the last surviving member of the Paris Surrealists, and a central figure in the Dynaton exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Art (now SFMOMA) in 1951. Anderson conducted first-hand interviews with the artist at his home in Inverness in 1989, in preparation for an exhibition and book titled Pursuit of the Marvelous: Stanley William Hayter, Charles Howard, Gordon Onlsow Ford

In 1949, with the poet Jean Varda, and architect Forrest Wright, Onslow Ford became the first co-owner of the decommissioned Sausalito ferry boat, the S.S. Vallejo, where he had his studio. Through his work with Hayter, Howard, J.B. Blunk, Lee Mullican, Wolfgang Paalen, Luchita Hurtado, and others during this time, Onslow Ford helped set the tone for much of the art in Northern California in the 1950s.  

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