Mar 23 Sat
Educational Program

Teofilo Ruiz: Cuba's Past, Present and Future

March 23, 2013
2 pm

Born in Cuba in 1943, Teofilo Ruiz is a UCLA professor of history and a recent recipient of the National Humanities Medal, awarded by President Barack Obama.  Ruiz will provide a short introduction to Cuba's history up to the revolution, including details about his youth when he was active in the Cuban Revolution, imprisoned and subsequently released after the Bay of Pigs invasion, and his journey to Miami with "only three changes of clothing, $45, a box of Cuban cigars to sell and a Spanish translation of Jacob Burckhardt's 'A History of Greek Civilization.'"  The talk will conclude with a final reflection on the possibilities for Cuba's future, along with a personal evocation of his recent visit to Cuba after 51 years away.


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