Oct 17 Sat
Educational Program

Pinching the Lifeline: Water, Land, and Human Rights

October 17, 2015

The Kara, a population of approximately 1,200, depend on the river’s annual flood cycle to replenish their land to farm sorghum and maize and to nourish their livestock. Their agro-pastoralist way of life is currently threatened by the construction of a giant hydroelectric dam on the Upper Omo River, the Gibe III (nearing completion) and land grabs by foreign investors and governments for the production of cotton and sugar cane. The Omo River, reverently referred to as their Mother and Father, has provided for the Kara’s wellbeing since the beginning of time. A NGO forum, moderated by David Bolling, will explore the global and local impact of these issues—featuring Anuradha Mittal of the Oakland Institute, Muadi Mukenge, of the Global Fund for Women, Lori Pottinger speaking on behalf of International Rivers, and Stephen Corry of Survival International. 

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