Jun 28 Fri

Members' Preview and Opening Reception for Akin: The Art of Nicole and Marc Katano AND Stand By Me: The Spirit of Mentoring in Sonoma

June 28, 2013
AKIN: The Art of Nicole and Marc Katano
Photographer Nicole Katano and painter Marc Katano share a creative life in the arts. Marc's abstract compositions on paper are inspired by Japanese calligraphy and the simple act of mark-making. Nicole's photography draws out the moods and textures of details she captures with the camera. Seen together, the works reveal a soulful synchronicity.
STAND BY ME: The Spirit of Mentoring in Sonoma   
Nicole Katano works with the Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance to photograph mentors with their mentees. These poignant portraits will be presented in a separate gallery in an exhibition dedicated to the valuable work of mentoring in Sonoma Valley.
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