Sep 26 Sat
Educational Program

Jane Baldwin in Conversation with Curator Anne Veh

September 26, 2015
September 26, 2015

Photographer Jane Baldwin’s camp was situated on the ancestral lands of the Kara tribe, providing an intimate relationship with the Kara, the smallest of the several self-sustaining indigenous tribes along the Omo River. Immediately drawn to the women of the Kara and neighboring tribes, the Nyangatom, Hamar, Turkana and Dassanach, Baldwin found herself quietly sitting with the women, watching, listening and adapting to the natural rhythms of river life on the Omo. Baldwin’s curiosity and willingness to to talk to the women engendered a trust that evolved slowly and developed into a lifetime multi-media project. Kara Women Speaks curator Anne Veh talks with artist Jane Baldwin about her experiences during her 10-year project documenting this now endangered way of life in Ethiopia's Omo River Valley. 

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