Apr 27 Sat
Educational Program

Giri: Giving Back, Moving Forward

April 27, 2013
2 pm

Join members of the Sonoma County Japanese American Citizens League for a very personal roundtable discussion about the incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII. Roundtable members will share aspects of their families’ experiences, such as life in camp, Japanese Americans in the military, resisters and No-No Boys, and acts of kindness from the larger community of Sonoma County. Participants include: Alyce and Harry Sugiyama, Henry Kaku and Marie Sugiyama.

The round table will open with a poetry reading by Jodi Hottel, a sansei, third generation Japanese American, whose mother, at age sixteen, was incarcerated at the Heart Mountain concentration camp in Wyoming. Hottel will read from her book of poetry, Heart Mountain, winner of the Blue Light Press Chapbook Prize for 2012. 

Poet Jodi Hottel, born too late to know first-hand, has nonetheless captured the fear, the misery, the multiple indignities suered by Japanese-Americans in World War II. Her chapbook, Heart Mountain… captures the smells and sounds and feel of it all. Only one with the heart of a poet could write so poignantly of “packing three decades of marriage into two suitcases,” or of the solace that comes with the flowers, grown from smuggled seed packets, blooming in the desert.

 —Gaye LeBaron, Press Democrat columnist & historian

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