Apr 04 Sat
Educational Program

20th Century Quilt Sharing & Appraisals

April 4, 2015

Do you have a quilt at home, made in the last 100 years, that you wish you knew more about or simply want to share with other quilt lovers? Join quilt authorities Julie Silber, Joe Cunningham, Nancy Bavor, and Roderick Kirakofe in Sonoma on April 4, where you will have an opportunity to have your 20th-century quilt examined, discussed, and revealed "Antique Road-Show Style." Remember, the more unconventional and unexpected, the better! Written appraisals from Nancy Bavor, who is an American Quilt Society certified quilt appraiser, will also be available by appointment that day. Complete, written appraisals are $50 and are scheduled in 30-minute increments the day of the event. 

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