Revolutionary Island: Tales of Cuban History and Culture, The Sarah & Darius Anderson Collection

January 19, 2013 to March 24, 2013

“Nothing in Cuba is what it appears.” For more than a quarter century, Darius and Sarah Anderson have been traveling to Cuba and in that time have developed a passion for Cuba and Cuban Art. Their diverse collection demonstrates that passion with objects as diverse as paintings, sculpture, cigar boxes, baseballs, posters and more. A culture is expressed through its art, and the works in this exhibition provide a profound and realistic assessment of revolutionary to present-day Cuba. Some of the works are powerfully moving, like a series of near life-sized paintings of everyday Cuban people doing everyday things, but all under water. The impact comes when you find that every one of these people of all ages—men, women, even children—have died attempting to cross over by sea to Florida. This personalizes an ongoing tragedy still relevant today.

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